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 Nick's Testresults for LP

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BeitragThema: Nick's Testresults for LP   Sa Mai 08, 2010 2:48 pm

I found Nick in random he is a 2 star first i thought it would be easy but it wasnt so easy Very Happy
so we exchanged fcs and he wanna join so i testet him:

1. Combat Hall Sylux vs Samus
i won 5:3 at start he spamt missiles but just 1 point than he played mag and pb really nice pb :0
he made me down allot and he never spamed morphball.

2.Perch Samus vs Trace
I won 7:3 it was a good game his imp hited me very often i was often <30.
all in all low lag so it was easy for me to kill him.

3. High Ground Kanden vs Trace
i won 7:5 it was very very good game. He played judicator and imp i pb and vd 1 kill with imp.
my vd was good i think and his judicator and imp too. it was 6:4 than we double killed Very Happy

i think he passed because he dont play mph for so long and he was really good.
Welcome =]
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Nick's Testresults for LP
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