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 Polmi's Tryout

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BeitragThema: Polmi's Tryout   Mo Mai 24, 2010 12:46 pm

At first: Hi : D
So...I testet Polmi for LP

1st map : Combat Hall(Ruinenhof) Sylux vs Sylux
I won this game because i had the MapControl, but it wasnt easy, because his pb really pwnz...
i had to get life often but i not runned.
my mag was very very good this game.

2.map: Perch(Alinos' Kluftkomplex) Sylux vs Trace
i won.
nothing much to say, his pb was really good again, and i made 6 mag kills.

3.map :Sactorus Sylux vs Sylux
his pb was only awesome here but i got the MapControl right at start, so i could win the game.
so, just awesome pb.

4.map: Harvester(Erntezeit) Sylux vs Sylux
i tryed judicator at start, but i really failed, so he could make 2 kills.
than i used mag again and just a bit imp, because we played in low distance.
with mag i cpuld make 5 kills before he killed me 2times with imp,
than i finished the game with 2 imp-hs.

First of all: Passed
I Passed him, because i saw his pb and his vd was really good too.
he just have to train his MapControl

Welcome to LP Polmi Wink
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BeitragThema: Re: Polmi's Tryout   Mo Mai 24, 2010 3:56 pm

He is a very good player, his Power Beam and his Volt Driver almost killed me every time :O
But I like him since I played the first Game vs him pig
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Polmi's Tryout
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