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 Tryout Dragonkill

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BeitragThema: Tryout Dragonkill   Fr Jul 30, 2010 12:04 pm

i have tested Dragonkill..

befor we started i think it was myth or someone from the funny idiots Very Happy...

first we play perch...

me (trace) he played samus...

result: 11:1
his mc was not sooo good.. his imp too.. he must train his imp... his mag was good.. not very good but good.. he must train it too... but.. he is not a runner.. he spawn.. search a weap. and come to me =)... (btw i used mag... i think i make 4 or 5 mag kills Very Happy)

than we play CH...
me played sy and he played samus again...

result 5:3
it was a only pb game... his pb is good.. and he should train it with dude... i think his pb can really ownzZ... in the first min he stand 0:2 in guide.. but than.. i make 5 kills... i dont know why.. but... it was very funny Very Happy

so i have speak with lux.. and we think..

he PASSED...

GoTT cheers
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BeitragThema: Re: Tryout Dragonkill   Sa Jul 31, 2010 12:26 pm

yeah i think passed
he will train with us
and maybe he will get much better bcuz of our training cheers
if dude trains his PB his PB will own in some days

GoTT ur english xDDD lol!
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Tryout Dragonkill
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