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 Tryout Voltage

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BeitragThema: Tryout Voltage   So Aug 01, 2010 7:41 pm

I testet him for LP.

map 1 CH sy vs sy 4:2
he runnet often cuz i hittet evry mag Cool
but if he was there his mag was quite nice...
i selfkilled onec cheers

map 2 Perch 3:3
he runnt often again so i cant kill him than muc
his imp was quite nice.

map 3 Sanc 1:0...
i killed him onec with my epic mag Cool
then his batteriy died

all in all we had a very good ch game before where he didnt runned.
i wanna pass him but i hope he wont runn that much in the next games we will have maybe cheers
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Tryout Voltage
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