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 Tryout Rock

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BeitragThema: Tryout Rock   Do Dez 30, 2010 6:36 pm

hay guys i testet rock for lp
so here we go:

Map 1 : Combat Hall
Sylux vs Sylux 6:4 (Lux)
awesome game, man!
his mag was pretty awesome and i was down alot.
we both selfkilled once x)

Map 2 : Perch
Sylux vs Sylux 10:2 (Lux)
Omg i was the spawnkilling hell :3
he hadnt much time to kill me cuz i just spammed mag ;D
but 2 times he was fast enough and i saw he has a great imp.

Map 3 : Sanc
Sylux vs Sylux 10:1 (Lux)
same like the perch game
lux is an spawnkilling hell! Very Happy
so..yeah if he used vd it was quite awesome
but because i got i think 90% of the life it was an easy win
he also hates this map

Map 4 : Pro Core
Sylux vs Sylux 10:8 (Lux)
OMG it was an awesome game!
only because i got the mapcontrol at tha gamestart i could win this game #
his mag was awesome here
nothing much to tell

Map 5 : Outer Reach
Trace vs Trace 9:8 (Lux)
it was like 1:0-1:1-2:1-2:2-3:2-...
evrytime i killed hime he killd me for the tied lead
in the last seconds i had 3 lifes left and a missile came into my face but game ended here so i luckily won cheers

Here come the results:
Welcome to LP!
hadnt good games like these for ages
i dont know much players with an awesome mag, but he is one of them Very Happy
my english isnt very good but i hope u know that iwanna say hes an awesome player cheers

Big Pass

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BeitragThema: Re: Tryout Rock   Do Dez 30, 2010 6:52 pm

welcome rock =) cheers
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Tryout Rock
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