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 Tryout Zaroc

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BeitragThema: Tryout Zaroc   Do Dez 30, 2010 8:08 pm

hey guys
im here with a new tryout
this time its rocks bro zaroc =)
so here we go

Map 1 Combat Hall
Kanden vs Spire 7:3(lux)
Yay a low tiermatch
maybe u know but i love low tier maches =o
soo his mag wasnt as good as his brothers mag but his pb was pretty good.

Map 2 Perch
Samus vs Trace 7:2(Lux)
i think he dont really likes Imp but anyways gg

Map 3 Sanctorus
Weavel vs Sylux 7:4 (Lux)
only won cuz of my mapcontrol ;D
his VD is pretty awesome and i was down alot

--> i have to say both (Rock and Zaroc) played very fair.
the both never coiled or runned. cool guys

Map 4 Stasis Bunker
Sylux vs Sylux 7:5 (Lux)
So i picked this map cuz i saw his vd was great and i thought he would be very good in this map
and i was right cheers
his vd was very awesome and he never used imp (very fair player-as i said)

Welcome to LP!
maybe u have to train ur mag with your bro (he has to train his vd with you Very Happy)
but all in all u have quite nice aim, so passed
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BeitragThema: Re: Tryout Zaroc   Do Dez 30, 2010 9:22 pm


fair players Very Happy

welcome cheers
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Tryout Zaroc
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